What is NSE and BSE? and their work

Let us know some more information about the share market and what is NSE and BSE? and their work.

What is NSE and BSE

What is NSE and BSE – Friends, whenever you hear the name of share market, the 2 words that come first are NSE and BSE. So to know what is NSE or BSE and what is their work, you will understand this article very carefully only then you will understand.

BSE or NSE work under the Stock Exchange. Shares are bought or sold in the share market from the stock exchange, meaning shares are bought and sold. what is the difference between bse and nse

There are only 2 largest and most popular stock exchanges in India, namely NSE or BSE.



Let’s know about them

What is the difference between BSE or NSE?

BSE- If we talk about BSE then it is the oldest stock exchange in India as well as Asia, if we talk about BSE 10th (Largest Stock Exchange) is the biggest stock exchange in the whole world. Because it works with more than 5500 companies.

NSE – This is the first such stock exchange in India which was first fully-automatic. It was started to make the trading facilities easy.

Comparison BSE or NSE

How NSE or BSE work

The work of NSE or BSE starts from the stock exchange, as we told you earlier that NSE includes 2000+ companies, so and BSE includes more than 5500 companies.

If we want to know the market performance then it is very difficult to see the performance of so many companies at once.

Therefore some sample is taken from entire companies which shows the performance of the companies and we call this Index.

And the index of BSE is called Sensex, Sensex is also called BSE30. nse bse kya hai

And the index of NSE is called Nifty and Nifty is also called Nifty50.

You do not need to look at every company to find out about the stock, just you can find out from Sensex or Nifty whether Market is Up or Market Down. nse bse ka matlab kya hai

If someday Sensex goes down then understand that the company which is under Sensex has lost if it goes up then profit has happened nse bse ka matlab kya hai

If someday Nifty goes down, then understand that the company which is under Nifty has suffered loss, if it goes up then profit has been made.

Which is better Best Platform for Investors

By the way, if we talk about the current situation, then NSE has become a big stock exchange, which is associated with very big companies, which has a lot of turnover and it is a good option for small investors and for short term investment.

If you have more budget and want to invest long term or you want to invest more in long term than short term then you can invest with BSE. nse bse ka matlab kya hai

You can start investing with NSE for short term investment.

You can start investing with BSE for Long Term Investment.

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