How to buy IPO? How to invest in new IPO?

How to buy IPO in Zerodha? You will get the answer of this question very easily in this post.

But before that let me tell you that before investing in any kind of IPO, Long Term Investment or Mutual Funds in the stock market, you should have complete knowledge of it.
Because with no knowledge or incomplete information there is a big chance that you will lose your money.

So first understand that –

  1. How to invest in share market?
  2. What is intra-day trading?
  3. What is Demat Account?

Although this won’t give you complete knowledge in one day, you will learn much better things from it.

How to buy IPO?

Now let’s talk about how to invest in IPO through Zerodha? For this you will need 4 things –

1. Zerodha Account

Obviously, to buy IPO in Zerodha, you must have a demat account of Zerodha.

For this, please see this link –

Zerodha (Main Link)
How to Open Zerodha Demat Account

2. UPI ID & App

You will also need a UPI ID and Payment App to make the payment.

For that I recommend that you use Google Pay App or you can also use any other payment app.

3. Kite App

To apply in IPO, you must also have Zerodha’s Kite App.

4. Bank Account

You also need to have a good savings account.

How to apply for IPO?

To know about new IPOs, you use IPO Calendar .

To apply in IPO, follow the process given below –

1. First of all login to your Kite App –

Zerodha Kite Login

2. After that click on your account –

Zerodha Account (Menu)

3. On coming down, you have to click on the link of IPO in the Console –

Zerodha Console IPO Option

4. After this a page will open in your browser, where it will be written that IPOs are open from 10 am to 5 pm during trading days –

Console IPO Page

5. Below that you will get the list of all those IPOs which are open to apply –

IPO List In Console

6. Select any IPO you want to buy from that list.

7. After which you will get all the information about the Issue Date, Issue Close Date, Issue Size, Market Lot, Price etc. of that IPO –

8. Now enter your UPI ID and click on Verify.

(Note: This UPI ID must be completely correct, without this you will not be able to apply.)

9. Then select Individual Investor.

10. Now enter the number of shares you want to buy lots of.

(Note: Lot means a minimum number of shares, less than which you cannot apply)

11. Ticking the cutoff price means that you will get the shares at the final price.

12. Here you can fill different Lot Size and Price in all the three columns but the cost of all is Rs. Should not be more than 2 lakhs.

13. Now tick the checkbox at the bottom and submit it.

14. Finally, open your Payment App and go to Pending Request and pay for the IPO.

15. You will receive an SMS on the day of making the payment, which will tell that your IPO application has been submitted.

IPO Key Date

There are 6 types of dates in IPO –

6 Steps of IPO Listing

IPO Open Date: From this date you can apply for IPO.

IPO Close Date: IPO applications are closed on this date.

Allotment Date: On the day of allotment, you get to know whether shares have been allotted to you or not.

Refunds Date: Those who are not allotted shares, money is refunded on this date.

Credit of Shares Date: Those who are allotted shares, shares are delivered on this date in their demat account.

IPO Listing Date: Finally, that share is listed on NSE and BSE and can be traded by the general public in the shares market.

How to check Zerodha allotment status?

After knowing the answer to how to buy IPO in Zerodha, many people ask that how to see the allotment status?

Let me tell you that the facility to check IPO Allotment Status is not available on Zerodha.

To see the status, you can go to the website of the company that has taken out the IPO or you can also visit BSEIndia.

To check your status, you must have application number or PAN number.

Note: – Sometimes it becomes difficult to allot shares due to more applications coming, in such a situation, companies allot shares on the basis of Lucky Draw.

What is the cutoff price in IPO?

In IPO, the cutoff price is that which is decided by that company at a higher valuation, it can be any number between the price band of that share.

If you want to be allotted for shares, then you can tick the checkbox of Cutoff Price.

Also, if you want, you can apply for IPO at the highest price in Price Band.

In this, you will not get a guarantee that you will be allotted shares, but the chances of getting alloted in it increase.

How to Buy an IPO – Conclusion

In this post you learned how to buy IPO in Zerodha and understand how IPO Allot is done.

I hope you got a lot of help through this article. But if you still have any question left, then you can ask in the comment box.

Also, you can see our other posts for more information on share market.

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