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Bloody Daddy is an 2023 Hindi language action thriller film directed by Ali Abbas Zafar and co-written by Aditya Basu and Siddharth-Garima. It is produced by Jio Studios. Shahid Kapoor, Sanjay Kapoor, Diana Penty, Ronit Roy, Rajeev Khandelwal, Ankur Bhatia, and Vivan Bhatena star in it.It is an adaptation of the 2011 French film Sleepless Night which was previously remade in Tamil as Thoongaa Vanam (2015) starring Kamal Haasan.


Bloody Daddy was made available for free on JioCinema on June 9, 2023.

Bloody Daddy
Soundtrack album by

Badshah, Anuj Garg and Julius Packiam
Released 8 June 2023
Genre Feature film soundtrack
Length 12:19
Language Hindi
Label Times Music
Official audio
Bloody Daddy – Full Album on YouTube


Sumair Azad is an NCB officer who together with his colleague Jagadish Prasad alias Jaggi, busted a narcotics trade in Gurugram prompting drug lord Sikandar to abduct Sumairs son Atharva in return for the bag of cocaine. Sumair agrees to grab the bag from the NCB headquarters and deliver it to his club for the exchange since he has no other choice. Aditi Rawat, Sumairs assistant, notices Sumairs move of hiding the bag in the mens restroom and becomes suspicious. Aditi notifies her boss, Sameer Singh that Sumair is involved in drug smuggling and begins to chase Sumair removing the bag of cocaine from the toilet in the process.


When Sumair finds the cocaine bag has been missing he chooses to return a bag containing flour packets to Sikandar believing that he and his associates especially Hameed Shaikh would not notice the difference. Unfortunately Sikandar and Hameed discover Sumairs deception and plan to murder him. Sumair meets Aditi who is caught between Sikandars group and Aditi and Sameer and informs her that contrary to her suspicions he has been working undercover and has orchestrated the entire operation to reveal Sameer and Jaggis involvement in heroin smuggling for Sikandar.

After interval

Sumair then saves Atharva without Sikandars knowledge and Aditi and Sameer arrest Sikandar. Aditi discovers that Sumair concealed Jaggis cell phone in her jacket when transporting Sikandar to prison and upon reading the texts in it she discovers that Sumair had been speaking the truth all along recognising that Sameer and Jaggi are involved in drug smuggling and had attempted to frame Sumair. Despite his attempts to evade arrest killing Sikandar in the process Sameer is finally arrested and brought to court. Atharva discovers cocaine packets in Sumairs car while conversing with Aditi about exposing additional drug traffickers showing that Sumair is also involved in drug smuggling. Atharva remains silent about this as he and Sumair depart for a brief journey.


Bloody Daddy Cast

  • Shahid Kapoor as Sumair Azad
  • Sanjay Kapoor as Hameed Shaikh
  • Diana Penty as Aditi Rawat
  • Ronit Roy as Sikandar Chowdhary
  • Rajeev Khandelwal as Sameer Singh
  • Ankur Bhatia as Vikram Chowdhary aka Vicky
  • Vivan Bhathena as Dharmesh Chowdhary aka Danny
  • Zeishan Quadri as Jagdish Prasad aka Jaggi
  • Sartaaj Kakkar as Atharva Azad
  • Diwakar Solanki as ATM Guard
  • Veto Swarn as Nnamdi ‘Morris’ Odu
  • Rais Baluch as Kannu
  • Saurabh Chauhan as J. K. Rathore
  • Suparna Moitra as Riya Sahni
  • Sachin Verma as Akash Kumar Chopra
  • Shaurya Kohli as Navpreet
  • Mukesh Bhatt as Rafique Shaikh aka Rafa
  • Amy Aela as Aisha


Badshah, Anuj Garg, and Julius Packiam wrote the film’s music.

Track listing
No. Title Lyrics Music Singer(s) Length
1. “Likhna Mitana” Dinesh Pant Anuj Garg Neha Karode 3:50
2. “Real Talk” GD47 Julius Packiam GD47 2:55
3. “Issa Vibe” Badshah Badshah Badshah, Payal Dev 2:28
4. “Baari Barsi” Harsimran Singh Julius Packiam Shahid Mallya, Harsimran Singh 3:06
Total length: 12:19

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