6 Best Stock Market Apps [2022]

After the boom in 2020-2021, many people have invested in the stock market and many people are thinking of investing. In such a situation, some people are making good money in the market, then there are many who are facing losses in the pursuit of earning money quickly.

But from an investor’s point of view, investing in the stock market for a long time can go a long way in getting you financial freedom and creating wealth.

So the question is how to start? Can we –

So I believe that your beginning depends on how much understanding and recognition of the market you have.

6 Best Apps/Websites for Investment & Trading

That’s why in this post I am going to give information about all those Top Stock Market Apps and Websites which will help you –

  • Keeps Fully Updated.
  • Makes investment and trading easier and
  • Deepens understanding of stock market.


(Best App For Stock Charts)

TradingView is a platform where you can see stock charts not only in India but around the world and understand technical analysis very closely using many free indicators.

In this all types of charts like Equity, Currency, Commodity, Future, Cryptocurrency etc. can be seen.

Key Benefits :-

  1. All Stock Chart is Free
  2. With 1 minute to 1 month time frame.
  3. Differente chart lines & chandles.
  4. Screener, News, and Event information.
  5. New stock ideas to understand technical analysis.

How to Use TradingView :-

Step 1: After logging into the app, you have to click on Charts.

2 Step: Now to see the stock chart, click on Add (+) Icon and first select Stock Exchange.

3 Step: Then enter Stock Symbol or Stock Name.

Step 4: After which you can see your chart and analyze it in many ways.

To stay updated on all stock prices and charts, I think Tradingview is the most important thing for you to do.

2 StockEdge

(Best For Stock Deep Research)

If you want to research any stock then there is no better app than StockEdge. This Stock Chart, Performance, Financials, Delivery Data, Announcements, Technical Scan, Filtered News, Bulk/Block/Insider Deals, Watchlists, Fundamental Data of stocks, FII & DII Data, 7 Day Historical Scan Data and world-wide information is available to you. puts it in front

  • To use it, you can install the app or you can also go to the direct website.


  • For basic research of stocks, you can search by entering the name of the stock.
  • And if you want to get New Ideas, then by clicking on Get Start, you can do all kinds of analysis –

Its best part is that this app is free. Although its Paid version too but you will not need it.

3 Kite By Zerodha

(Best App For Trading)

You must have a demat account to trade and invest in the market. Which helps in transacting and storing your shares. In this way you can open your account in Zerodha Kite which is India’s biggest discount broking. This app not only improves your Investment & Trading, but also helps in improving it on an ongoing basis.

Key Features:-

  • You can add 300+ Stocks in 7 Watchlist.
  • You can buy and sell any stock in one click.
  • Direct apply can be done in any IPO.
  • You can also see the Stock Chart, Market Depth, and Fundamentals.
  • Also you can set unlimited alert for stock price.
  • Fund Deposit and Withdraw can be done very easily.
  • You can gift stock to your friends or family.
  • With 2-Verification you can check your holdings anytime.
  • You can make SIP for your favorite Blue-Chip Stocks.
  • Per Trade on Intraday and F&O trades you can trade at the rate of Rs.20.
  • Whereas Equity Delivery is completely free.
  • With all You can also analyze your P&L with the help of Console.

In simple language, Kite App has all the benefits that you need. So if you are new in the market then you can open trading account in Zerodha with Top Demat Account.

4 Screener.in

(Best App For Stock Fundamentals)

Screener.in is one such place where you can do Stock Fundamental Analysis.

On this site, Stock Chart, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Ratio, Annaul Report, Market Cap and many other types of data become available for free.

In such a situation, if you are looking at a stock for long-term, then with the help of this you can get an idea of its real value.

Also, you can compare many companies of the same sector and by making a screener from your share, you can also filter the companies.

How to Use Screener :-

Step 1: After logging on to the website, enter the name of your preferred stock.

Step 2: After searching, all the information of the company will come in front of you.

3 Step: Click on the SCREENS given above to filter the companies.

Step 4: Then click on Create New SCREENS.

Step 5: Now enter Custom Query and click on RUN THIS QUERY.

Step: 6 And you will have all those companies in front of you, which you have requested.

Basically, before buying any stock, you should have a good understanding of the business and fundamentals of that company. For which you can use this kind of tool for free.

Note: This is not an app, you can operate it from the direct website.

5 Zerodha Varsity

(Best App For Stock Market learning)

Zerodha Varsity is completely free and stock market education platform. Where you can learn a lot with 13 Modules and more than 800 Chapters. It is available in both Hindi and English languages and it may take about 1 to 2 months to complete it.

It includes these modules –

  1. Introduction to Stock Markets
  2. Technical Analysis
  3. Fundamental Analysis
  4. Futures Trading
  5. Options Theory for Professional Trading
  6. Option Strategies
  7. Markets and Taxation
  8. Currency, Commodity, and Government Securities
  9. Risk Management & Trading Psychology
  10. Trading Systems
  11. Personal Finance
  12. Innerworth
  13. Integrated Financial Modelling

Varsity is not less than any Paid Course. Here every detail from Basic to Professional stage has been explained in easy words so that any person can start their investment journey easily.

6 MoneyControl

(Best App For Stock Market News)

You can install MoneyControl App to get every news and latest updates on Indian and Global financial market. This is the top application providing India’s top market news and information on many types of investment instruments, such as – Future & Option, Commodities, Currencies, Stocks, Mutual Funds, Index.

  • In this you get the latest market data.
  • News and portfolio monitoring is easy.
  • Personalized Watchlist is available which helps in tracking the stock.
  • There is a message board where you can select your favorite topics.

Bottom Line

Whether you are a beginner in the stock market or a professional, it does not matter. Above are all the Best Stock Market Apps which will help everyone. Also there are some other apps which provide updates in the market –

  • TickerTape
  • Investing.com
  • Investopedia
  • Livemint.com

Apart from this, if there is any such app that I have missed or which you use, then please do tell in the comment box.

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