3 Companies Issuing Bonus Shares/Stocks In April, May 2022

Stock market investors not just earn from the rise in price of shares belonging to their portfolio, they also earn from bonus shares and dividend that a listed company announces from time to time. For information to such investors, three listed companies that have delivered multibagger return to its shareholders, are going to issue bonus shares this month. Those 3 multibagger stocks are:

White Organic Retail 2:1 28-02-2022 14-04-2022 12-04-2022 Agro commodity
Ducon Infra 1:10 25-02-2022 19-04-2022 18-04-2022 IT
Shree Ganesh Bio-Tec 1:1 07-03-2022 28-04-2022 27-04-2022 Agri

By when are bonus shares credited to demat account holder/investors demat account?To the freshly issued shares there is assigned a new ISIN orInternational Securities Identification Number) and post it bonus shares are credited within 15 days. Below are the three shares that will go ex-dividend during the month and hence be issuing bonus shares

White Organic Retail:

Based out of Mumbai previously called as White Organic Retail Pvt. Ltd. / Sapna Infraventure Pvt. Ltd) has made a name for itself in the list of top suppliers of Essential Oils & Aromatics, Cereals in India. The company is the leading Wholesaler / Distributor / Supplier/ Retailer of organic products. The Company’s product segments include organic medicinal products, organic nuts and seeds, organic pulses, organic snacks and candies, and organic spices and condiments. The company in February announced an issue of bonus shares in the ratio of 2:1 and for the same the stock shall turn ex-bonus tomorrow, implying if the stock excites you on any counter you may buy into the share for the said bonus share only till today. In comparison to its peers the company commands a high P/E i.e. it is high on valuations and its peer companies from the agro commodity space are Gujarat Ambuja, Godrej Agrovet, AVT Natural Products, Manorama etc. Looking at its financials, the company does not seems to be sound with net income coming down sharply to Rs. 0.25 crore as against Rs. 3.03 crore in Fy 2018.

Ducon Infratech

This is a tech company with focus on roviding computer systems and information technology products across various categories, such as servers, storages, networking, security and surveillance and energy management systems. The company has announced to issue 1 bonus share for every 10 shares held by the investor. The financials of the company are again not very healthy as the company’s net income hasgrown at a yearly rate of 1.01%, vs industry avg of 7.27% . Also as per the record, in Fy21 the company posted net income of just 0.41 crore as against 2.32 crore. Nevertheless, strength of the stock lies in the fact that promoters are increasing stake in the company QoQ, implying of their trust in the company’s business. Both of these scrips are multibaggers.

Shree Ganesh Biotech

This company too is available at rich valuations with P/E in 3 digits while the sector’s P/E is in negative meaning the sector as a whole is not doing good. As of the December ended quarter, the company’s total income from operations inched higher to Rs. 19.03 crore.Also, its net profir rose YoY to Rs. 0.95 crore.

Conclusion: From the above we can make out that Shree Ganesh is improving on its financials and is a penny scrip that needs careful analysis before betting on the same, while the other 2 command a high valuation, so your intent to buy bonus shares need to be after a thorough thought. And if you have already positions into these stocks then you need to ensure that the same bonus shares are credited else you may make the complaint to the SEBI.

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